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Tennessee DUI Lawyer






Knoxville Area DUI lawyer Scott Justice represents clients accused of DUI throughout East Tenn. He understands that a charge of DUI in Tennessee can have dramatic emotional and financial consequences. Tennessee DUI lawyer Scott Justice will be happy to meet with you and discuss the specifics of your case. If you have been arrested for driving under the influence, it is important to contact a Tennessee DUI lawyer as soon as possible.

DUI attorney Scott Justice is located in Jefferson City, TN. He handles DUI cases in Knoxville and all surrounding counties.

The Law
Tennessee DUI law is principally governed by Tenn. Code Ann. 55-10-401.
 Driving under the influence of intoxicant, drug or drug producing stimulant prohibited - Alcohol concentration in blood or breath.

 (a) It is unlawful for any person to drive or to be in physical control of any automobile or other motor driven vehicle on any of the public roads and highways of the state, or on any streets or alleys, or while on the premises of any shopping center, trailer park or any apartment house complex, or any other premises which is generally frequented by the public at large, while:

  (1) Under the influence of any intoxicant, marijuana, narcotic drug, or drug producing stimulating effects on the central nervous system; or

  (2) The alcohol concentration in such person's blood or breath is eight-hundredths of one percent (.08 %) or more.

(b) For the purpose of this section, "drug producing stimulating effects on the central nervous system" includes the salts of barbituric acid, also known as malonyl urea, or any compound, derivatives, or mixtures thereof that may be used for producing hypnotic or somnifacient effects, and includes amphetamine, desoxyephedrine or compounds or mixtures thereof, including all derivatives of phenolethylamine or any of the salts thereof, except preparations intended for use in the nose and unfit for internal use.

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