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Tennessee Divorce FAQ’s

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    Welcome to our Divorce Center. Here you will find information about divorce in Tennessee and links to get more information about Tennessee Divorce Law.

    Divorce can have devastating emotional and financial consequences. It is important to have an attorney who knows and understands Tennessee Divorce Law. An attorney can help guide you through the complex and confusing paperwork and procedures that are involved in Tennessee Divorce Law.

    I am ready to listen to the facts of your case and offer you guidance as to the specific issues of your case. I offer a low-cost initial consultation in divorce cases. This consultation is completely confidential. During your consultation, I will listen to the facts of your case and give you an honest assessment of your legal matter. My low-cost initial fee is $75. The initial consultation does not create an attorney client relationship. If I decide to take your case and you wish to hire me, I will prepare a contract for legal services. Once you sign the contract and return it to me with the required retainer, I will be your lawyer. If you choose to hire me as your attorney, I will credit the initial fee toward your final bill.

    The two most common types of divorce that clients seek are Irreconcilable Differences and Contested Divorces.
    Irreconcilable Differences is a divorce in which both spouses agree on all of the issues in the divorce. These issues include parenting, custody, child support, alimony, property and debt division. If the spouses cannot agree on these issues, they cannot proceed with this type of divorce. This type of divorce is generally the most time and cost effective.
    Contested divorces are those that are based on specific grounds. The other spouse does not have to agree to the issues in order to get a divorce granted by the court. For a list of the types of contested divorces, please see our Grounds for divorce article.

    For further information on Tennessee Divorce Law please visit our Divorce Frequently Asked Questions or our Tennessee Divorce and Family Law information website.

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