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Tennessee Divorce FAQ’s

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1. How much is an initial consultation?

I do not charge for a 30 minute initial consultation in personal injury cases. In most other cases I do charge a low-cost initial consultation fee of $75.00. During the consultation I will first gather information from you. I will ask you questions to find out if I have represented anyone else in the case. This is called checking for conflicts of interest. If a conflict is found the interview will be terminated at that time. If there are no conflicts, I will ask you about your matter and give you my opinion on how you should proceed.


2. How much will this cost me?

Without knowing the specific details of your case it would be impossible answer this question. Every case is unique. I will work with you to determine what type of billing method is right for YOUR case. I do not quote fees over the phone or internet because I need to have the facts of your case to determine what type of billing structure is right for you.


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